Pray 4 Wales

How to pray for Wales

Here are eight suggestions of how you might pray for Wales.

1. You could join with others in committing to pray the Caleb Prayer for Wales every day.

    O High King of Heaven,
    Have mercy on our Land.
    Revive your church.
    Send the Holy Spirit for the sake of the children.
    May your Kingdom come to our nation.
    In Jesus’ mighty name.

2. You could invite others to make the same commitment to pray the Caleb Prayer for Wales.

3. Some churches in Wales have integrated the Caleb Prayer within their liturgy. Others use it as a framework for their regular weekly prayer meeting.

4. Why not pray over Wales’ News items, whether from TV, radio, newspaper or online media.

5. Pray for your local area/workplace/study centre etc.

6. Pray for the Sennedd, that truth, righteousness and social/economic justice might flow through legislation and bless the land.

7. Pray for all church leaders, lay or ordained, that a spirit of revelation might come upon them and flow out to the people.

8. Speak prophetic blessings out over Wales.

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